Cosmopolitan Yachting e.U. respects each of our client’s right to personal privacy. To that end, we use information given to us from our clients only as documented in this Privacy Policy. 

The information we may collect is used to help us identify yacht charter options for each client. We use information such as email addresses and phone numbers to communicate to our client’s news and information about our company and yacht charter.

We do not require users of our web site to register in order to access our online yacht database.

During the online inquiry process a client is asked for and must enter contact information and certain information about their needs. It is only gathered to provide personal service to our clients.

In the process of serving our clients we often receive additional types of sensitive information such as financial, family or health information – we maintain the confidentially of this personal information and do not share it with any others except as specified by the client in order to customize their yacht charter experience.

We publish an electronic newsletter and we have never shared or sold all or any part of the list of email addresses. We do allow users to unsubscribe to the list in every email.

All information on our website is presented in good faith and believed to be accurate.

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes to this privacy statement online.

This website is intended for the use of public viewing and retrieving information only and may contain links to other websites. These links are provided for the convenience of the users, who visit them at their own risk.

Clients may contact us by phone or email with any questions or concerns.

Disclaimer of Liability

The function of Cosmopolitan Yachting e.U. (Brokerage) is solely that of arranging the charter and the BROKER is not responsible for the CHARTERER’S, OWNER’S or crew’s actions at any time, nor will the BROKER be liable for the satisfaction of the CHARTER or any actions or events outside BROKER’S direct control. Meaning your charter contract is with the owner, operator or manager of the yacht or fleet, which is clearly stated in your contract and invoice, not with us.

You will be required to sign a copy of this contract so please ensure you read it closely and understand its contents. We shall be pleased to help if explanations are required. Please note that all contracts which mention Cosmopolitan Yachting e.U. do so as an agent only and any dispute will be between the charterer and operator or manager. In the event of any dispute or problem with the yacht please in the first instance contact the yacht’s operator or manager as soon as practical who will do everything to help you. We shall be pleased to help wherever possible but you must inform us as soon as possible and certainly within 48 hours. Beyond this time scale we may not be able to help.

Charter Booking Process

Yacht Charter Contracts

Once you have chosen your yacht and the area you would like to cruise, Cosmopolitan Yachting e.U. will put an “Option” on the charter for your preferred dates.

All charters are subject to a fully executed contract. 

You will receive a Charter Agreement, with a request for a deposit to secure the booking. The Charter Agreement defines the terms and conditions, obligations and rights of each party. Signed by both parties it is then in place to refer to and protect each should there by any queries over arrangements.


Payment terms differ between operators and countries. Please note the payment due dates and ensure payments reach us in good time, as your booking may otherwise lapse. Where charter contracts state that charters will be void by due dates if payment is not received, this is the date of receipt by the contracting party, not by us. Please allow time for us to forward your payment.

Typically, upon signature a 25% deposit is taken, another 25% due six months prior to the charter and the balance 30 – 45 days prior to embarkation. If you are booking with six months of the charter start date a 50% deposit will be required.

When your deposit clears the bank and the contract is signed your charter is officially reserved.

Your deposit is held in a safe escrow account until just a few days before your charter begins.

Before you start your vacation

We will email you the Preference Forms for your careful completion. This form will have your food, drink, activity, passport information, shoe size, food in-tolerances, and allergy information. It is important for your crew to know what is important to you and as much information as possible to begin planning your menu and itinerary.

Prior to your arrival at your yacht the crew will contact you to discuss your vacation plans and the preferences detailed on the Preference Form.

Once onboard your yacht, the captain will conduct an orientation and safety briefing prior to departing on your vacation. During the cruise it is important to communicate with the captain and crew with any questions and or requests. They are available and will assist you with arrangements. Your captain’s primary role is the safety of guests, crew and the yacht and he will be taking this into consideration at all times.


Cancellation terms vary with the operator and are itemized in the charter contract. Our normal agency fee will be retained from any refunds which may be forthcoming under the terms of the charter contract

We strongly advice to obtain TRAVEL INSURANCE, which includes cancellation cover and, if appropriate, hurricane risk, to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

Charter period

The start and end times of your charter are stated in your charter contract. Please ensure you understand and adhere to them.

Yacht substitution

All operators and yacht managers reserve the right to substitute a replacement yacht if the one you have booked becomes unavailable through damage, breakdown or similar events. Alternatively a full refund of all monies paid for the original yacht will be made.

The above is ancillary to, not in replacement of, the terms of your charter contract.


An excellent crew will work extremely hard for very long hours to make sure your charter is a total success. A gratuity (or tip) is not mandatory but it is very much appreciated. A customary guideline is 10% – 20% of the charter fee dependent on where about the vessel is chartering.