The beautiful islands of Fiji are 1,900 miles from Tahiti and 1,400 miles from Brisbane, Australia. The 300 Fijian Islands are spread out over 250 miles of ocean Seeing them all would mean a significant time commitment so a one week charter will require you to choose a specific area to cruise. You will collaborate with the charter captain to ensure that you see all of your points of interest along the way.

Fiji is the South Pacific’s biggest hub.

Savusavu is its most popular yacht anchorage and also a good starting point from which to check out Indo-Fijian culture, including fire-dancing and Hindu temples.

Fiji, one of the favorite destinations for travelers to the South Pacific. The epicenter of the region, this is where cultures collide, creating a unique mix of Melanesia, Polynesia, India, and the Pacific—all tinged with both ancient and modern traditions. Of the 322 inhabitable isles, only 106 have residents, leaving more than 200 untouched. Guide your yacht to one of these and enjoy all the benefits of your own private island. You may even run across a hot spring, a remnant of the islands’ inactive volcanoes.

To really appreciate ‘Fiji time’ and enjoy extra days exploring among the country’s 332 islands the option to fly in from Australia to Nadi international airport and meet your dedicated superyacht crew has a ring to it.

Avoid the busy season and consider your Fiji cruise during the winter dry season between March and October when the average daily temperature is a balmy 26C. Even if you cruise during the peak of the tourist season, the freedom to escape and explore the rugged mountains and untouched rainforests of the more remote islands is at your fingertips.

Kadavu is the ultimate island for getting back to nature, its Great Astrolabe Reef perfect for swimming, diving and fishing. The Mamanuca chain of 20 islands offers a balanced mix of low-key beach lifestyle and high-end resorts and dining options, and the Lomaiviti group is Fiji’s cultural heartland.

Fiji’s stunning natural beauty, famous hospitality and culture embracing the best of its Polynesian and Colonial influence make it ideal for family getaways. Soak up this tropical paradise as you drift among the islands, really coming to appreciate the local colloquialism ‘Fiji time’.