Convenient and spacious Multihulls, the modern catamaran has become extremely popular for its

- stability (minimum heeling and more stability can help to avoid seasickness),
- remarkably space,
- offer an excellent sun deck (most of them offer a flybridge)
- safety &
- privacy (the cabins are separated from each other)
- easy to navigate in shallow water (The small draft of a catamaran allows you to anchor in shallow bays or very close to the beach), as crewed luxury yacht. A must for the luxury yacht vacationer.

They offer equal accommodations making them ideal of groups of couples, non-sailors or those new to chartering, families travelling with young children and corporate charter groups vacationing together. Total stability while enjoying beautiful surroundings, tropical cocktails and gourmet cuisine.

Lying on the 'trampolines' all the way forward, relaxing with a book, watching dolphins play below and hearing the water beneath you or sitting up high on the Flybridge deck feeling like the king of the world. The shallow draft makes them perfect for sliding up close to the islands and hovering over turquoise sea while at anchor.

The luxury catamaran charter fleet ranges in length from the awe inspiring, Pendennis built 145 ft. HEMISPHERE which takes up to 12 guests in mega comfort with 10 crew, to 'purpose built for charter' 42 ft. cats taking up to 6 guests with 2 crew. In between these is a whole range of superb catamarans offering idyllic charter holidays. Our selection is made up of those that best represent each category.